Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Michelle Cruise
Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Columbus High School Theatre will present Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Nov. 9 at 7 and Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Nantkes Performing Arts Center at CMS. Tickets are $5 for adults and $4 for students. C-Stamps and senior passes will be accepted. The doors open a half hour before the show.

The musical is an imaginative retelling of the biblical story of Joseph and his eleven brothers. Joseph is the favorite son of Jacob, and his brothers are jealous when Jacob gives Joseph a multicolored coat to set him apart as the rest of the brothers. If that weren’t enough, Joseph has dreams that seem to point to his destiny being far beyond that of his brothers. Fed up with Joseph and his dreams, the brothers decide to take action.

 With nearly forty cast members and fifty other students involved backstage or playing in the orchestra, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat is sure to entertain the whole family. The show features eye-catching sets, exciting choreography, and catchy songs that you will be left singing for days.

There will be a fifteen-minute intermission, during which baked goods will be sold to fund future shows.

The cast includes: Joseph - Ryan Sims; Narrators - Reagan Gausman, Karissa Gleeson and Lydia Johnson; Pharaoh - Melany Donoghue; Jacob - Chandler Rotherham; Reuben - Gabriel S. Moseman;  Simeon - Ayden Prososki; Levi - Jayven Krepel; Judah - Coden Prokopec; Napthali - Alex Brandenburg; Dan - Mason Dahlke; Gad - Joey Snyder; Asher - Dawson Wurdeman; Isaachar - Mitchell Norris;  Zebulun - Hunter Colegrove; Benjamin - Declan McPhillips; Potiphar - Mitchell Norris;  Potiphar’s wife - Monse Huitron-Horta;  Baker - Alexis Haynes; Butler - Persephone Earle;  Wives - Enyssa Arps, Olivia Brittenham, Danielle Burton, Angelina Bustillos, Lena Costello, Abby Degn, Ashley Harouff, Kenya Leon, Caitlin McKee, Haley Wagoner

Chorus - Enyssa Arps, Paola Bautista, Olivia Brittenham, Danielle Burton, Angelina Bustillos, Cass Campbell, Lena Costello, Abby Degn, Bri Eickhoff, Aaliyah Grafe, Ashley Harouff, Christina Harrin, Monse Huitron-Horta, Mariah Humlicek, Cole Kampschneider, Kenya Leon, Caitlin McKee, Sarai Pacheco,  Danny Ramirez, Chandler Rotherham, Alisa Torres, and Haley Wagoner.

The  following are members of the crew: Zai Arana, Hannah Baer, Kaylyn Beyer, Jayden Boesch, Alexis Braziel, Millie Carballo, Amanda Daugaard, Jayden French, Aaliyah Grafe, Angelica Greenwood, Joseph Hajek, Breckin Heiser-Blezek, Paul Hernandez, Natalie Higgenbotham, Hailey Hoffman, Rebecca Hoffman, Perla Izaguirre, MaKenzy Johnston, Ashley Kavanagh, Kyson Krepel, Noemi Loaiza, Alex Lotspeich, Erik Matson, Kaitlynn Meyer, Alexander Moseman, Eowyn Moseman, Gabe Moseman, Reeyce Mueller, Danny Ramirez, Grace Rayman, Jessica Reiff, Jenesi Reppert, Haley Richey, Logan Schilling, Jasper Wozny, and Libby Wurdeman.

Members of the orchestra are: Flute/Piccolo: Gaby Alarcon and Rhylan Wurdeman; Soprano Saxophone: Wade Howles; Clarinet: Douglas Davidchik; Clarinet/Bass Clarinet: Brianna Blunk; French Horn: Madison Mahoney; Trumpet: Bob Johnson and Matt Brandenburg; Drums: Cole Asche; Percussion: Elizabeth Blaser and Brian Long; Guitar: Justin Sands; Keyboard: Chuck Godwin; and Bass: Madelyn Zaura.