Instructional Coaching

Coaches are professional leaders and teachers who model, collaborate and instruct educators how to use and apply evidence-based practices within their classrooms to improve student learning and achievement.

Roles of a coach
  • Supporter of Student Learning - Assists teachers with design and delivery of instruction to promote student success.
  • Instructional Specialist - Assists teachers with planning, organizing, development, and best practices to meet the needs of our students.
  • Learning Facilitator - Ensures professional development becomes a natural and embedded practice within the classroom.
  • Classroom Supporter - Provides support and feedback to novice and veteran teachers for professional growth.

CPS Coaches

Early Interventions in Reading
Juliana Kock

English Learners    
Erica Earley

Technology Integration
Brandi Fleming

Well-Managed Classroom and Template Training
Sandi Seckel 

Art & Science of Teaching
Kari Drymon

Art & Science of Teaching
Teresa Hausmann

Art & Science of Teaching
Angie Luebbe

Art & Science of Teaching
Kristin Tomasevicz

K-6 Reading
Kristi Hackett

L to J
Joan Ebel

L to J
Liliana Velasco

Michelle Edzards

Instructional Coach
Emily Garrard