Q: Who do I contact for attendance, prearranged absences, tardies to school, etc.?
A: Contact the Attendance Secretary

Q: Who do I contact for schedules, enrollment and address changes?
A: Contact the Guidance Office

Q: Who do I contact about questions regarding Free/Reduced Lunch Program?
A: Contact the Kitchen

Q: Who do I contact for questions regarding a student’s grade?
A: Contact the individual teacher first; contact the appropriate guidance counselor next; contact the grade-level principal

Q: What is “Teaming” and the middle school concept?
A: Students are assigned to interdisciplinary teams of teachers who teach the following subjects: math, science, social studies, and language arts. Groups of teachers share the same students and same schedule. Teachers on the team, because they share the same students, are able to pool their talent and knowledge to help each student develop to their best ability. Teachers, administrators and the counselors meet weekly to monitor student’s academic, social, emotional and physical progress.

Q: How are students assigned to teams?
A: Students are randomly assigned to teams. Students are divided equally between two teams.

Q: May I request that my son or daughter be placed on a particular team?
A: Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept special requests for certain teachers or teams. All teams at Columbus Middle School are composed of highly qualified, outstanding teachers. Each team differs from the next because the personalities and styles of each team teacher vary. Due to team and departmental PLCs, curricular objectives, essential learnings, vocabulary, and major unit assessments are the same for each core subject curriculum. However, the method of instruction, sequence of units, or projects may vary. Exploratory and health/fitness classes allow students to interact with students from the opposite grade-level team.

Q: Are students at the middle school allowed to choose which courses they take?
A: All students participate in the core curriculum which consists of language arts, math, science, social studies, health/fitness, and GPS. Students receive two exploratory choices per quarter and are able to select which classes they would like to take. For more information on course offerings, see the guidance page under “student services.”

Q: What if my child needs enrichment or remediation but does not qualify for special education?
A: Talk to your child’s team or the specific subject teacher first. There are many ways to enrich or remediate within the regular classroom setting. Our team plan and special education programs have time set aside for consulting with classroom teachers on a regular basis. Many of these instructional accommodations/modifications can be employed by core subject team members.

Q: If I sense that my child is having a problem adjusting to middle school, whom can I call for help?
A: If the concern is about a class, contact the child’s team teachers. Often a parent-teacher conference will result in some good communication about the concern and ideas to help improve the situation. Guidance counselors, administrators, and exploratory teachers are happy to attend these conferences and add their perspective. When issues have social/emotional components, the guidance counselors are available to share ideas and other resources to help the students.

Q: When will students get their schedules and tour CMS?
A: All students will be assigned to teams and scheduled into classes during the late spring and summer months. Next year’s schedules will be distributed on the first day of school. Parents will receive a summer mailing with information regarding the start of the school year. 5th grade students will tour the building in April or May. A special orientation sessions are scheduled for parents in the fall.

Q: How do students register at CMS?
A: Students new to district need to register at the district administrative building.

Q. How do I get in contact with my child’s teacher?
There are several ways to get in contact with your child’s teacher including the following:
*Call the school 563-7060. If they teacher is unavailable, you may leave a message.
*Email the instructor. Email addresses can be found on the staff link.

Q. How does my son/daughter qualify for the honor roll? Where do I find this information?
A. Students can qualify for either the 3.5 honor roll or the 4.0 honor roll by maintaining those averages during a given semester.

Q. When are progress reports sent out?
A. Progress reports are sent home mid-quarter and report cards at the end of each quarter.

Q. When are handbooks distributed to students?
A. Handbooks are posted electronically on our website. Parents may request a paper copy of the handbook through the counselors' office. Each student is issued an agenda on the first day of school. Agendas are excellent organizational tools for our students and they are expected to carry them with them every day.