2020-2021 District Planning

Content Delivery Based on COVID Risk Factors

Which tier Columbus Public School finds itself in, from face-to-face instruction to remote learning is ultimately determined by our students, families, and community and their activities and habits. What we know as evidence in the surveys returned by families this summer is that: Face-to-face instruction and education is the best method for student learning. We can only provide this option while we are in green, yellow, and in a blended format of orange on our risk assessment dial. The further we advance on the risk dial the less opportunities our students will have available to them. If we move to ORANGE, students will be in the classroom 2 days a week and at home completing independent instruction 3 days a week. The after school program will only be available for students on the days that they are in the school building and activities become more limited by the directed health measures. If we advance to RED there will be no in-person instruction and we will move to a remote learning format. There will be no after school program available at school sites and there will be no activities, which include all sports, fine arts, or clubs. Masks, continued social distancing and increased handwashing are our best chances of providing as near a normal school year as we can for our students. We please ask that each family do their part.