Unpaid Meal Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish limitations on the number of breakfasts or lunches a student may receive when the account balance is not sufficient to cover those costs, to provide for alternate meals to be served to students when account balances reach certain limits, and to protect the District from such unpaid financial obligations.

Families are encouraged to keep account balances in the positive at all times. Deposits are accepted at each school building and at the Administration Building. Deposits may be made by cash or check. Account balances may be obtained through the parent access portal in PowerSchool. If online access is not available, the District Foodservice office may be contacted at (402) 563-7055.

Each day that a student eligible for reduced price or paid meals brings the actual amount of the cost of the meal, that student will be provided a breakfast and/or lunch and the amount received will be applied to the cost of that meal rather than to reduce a prior negative balance.

In the event that a student’s account balance reaches -$15.00, the student will be offered an alternate meal meeting reimbursable requirements of the USDA school nutrition program. The District will also provide the necessary forms for the student’s parent or guardian to apply for free or reduced price meals. Such benefits may be applied for at any time during the school year.

To the extent possible, all actions pertaining to students with negative account balances will be handled as confidentially as possible. Communications regarding account balance concerns will be provided in writing by an assigned District Foodservice staff member and/or by automated phone calls. Students will not be used as couriers of such information.

This policy shall be provided in writing on an annual basis to students and parents through the District website and also in the annual back to school mailing and in school handbooks. The policy shall also be provided in writing to households transferring into the District during the school year. It shall also be provided to school administrators and others charged with enforcement of this policy.

This policy shall be reviewed and adopted on an annual basis.