Columbus Public Schools Health Information

Columbus Public Schools have three full-time certified registered nurses. In addition, each elementary has a full-time health aide.

Elementary RN                                   Middle School RN                                  High School RN

Channa Larsen                                      Karla Bartlett                                            Laurie Swanson
402-563-7000, 12272                     402-563-7000, 11511                         402-563-7000, 13124
larsenc@discoverers.org                bartlettk@discoverers.org                 swansonl@discoverers.org                                                        

The Health Services Program contributes to the educational success of each student by promoting a safe and healthy environment for learning. This is accomplished by:

  • Chronic health condition management
  • Communicable disease control
  • Connecting families with community resources
  • Emergency response planning and implementation
  • Encourage medical home establishment and use
  • First Aid and medication administration
  • Health screening
  • Immunization monitoring
  • Wellness promotion and health education