ELPA 21 Screener

How do students qualify for the EL program?

Families enrolling at CPS complete a Home Language Survey that asks questions about the languages used by the family. If the family lists a language other than English on the Home Language Survey, the ELPA Screener is given to the student to determine his or her level of skills with the English language. The student’s scores on the ELPA screener and the student’s previous participation in EL programs determine a student's placement in the EL program. The ELPA Screener identifies a student's language proficiency level which can be emerging, progressing or proficient. Students receiving a score of emerging or progressing are entered into the EL program. Students who score proficient on the screener do not enter the EL program. The ELPA Screener scores and additional EL placement tests help teachers determine specific EL classes most appropriate for the student.

ELPA 21 Summative

How do students exit the EL Program?

Annually, ELL students are required to take the State of Nebraska's English Language Proficiency exam (ELPA 21). ELPA 21 is an online assessment that assesses an ELL student's ability to listen, speak, read, and write the English Language. Students who receive scores that reflect skills of "proficient" English learners are eligible to exit the EL program.

Other Assessments for ELL Students

  • EL students participate in standard based classroom assessments in EL classrooms and the general classroom.
  • EL students participate in Nebraska State Assessments (NSCAS, ACT)
  • EL teachers complete individual student checklists to track student progress in skills related to English Language Proficiency, and determine whether the student has progressed to a new proficiency level.
  • Exiting EL students are monitored for four years to evaluate successful transition to general education classes.