Instructor: MS. Roberts

Media Center Resources
Destiny Quest
West Park Elementary’s Library online catalog (for student and staff use).
World Book Online Encyclopedia
World Book Encyclopedia is available to students in grades K-12.
***Students will need to get the log-in information from the Library Media Center to be able to access this resource from any computer outside of school.
Fact Hound is a resource for students to use to locate website resources on a variety of topics that will help with research projects. This website does not require a user name and a password to log on and use.
Visual Thesaurus
Visual Thesaurus is a subscription site provided to students and staff by ESU 7. It is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that helps to visualize word meanings and word relationships.
For Teacher Use

Teachers can access a variety of resources from ESU 7 including: ESU  7 SNAP media catalog and Learn 360 resources and NE Visual Learning Library (Part of PBS). These resources do require a password to access. Please stop by the media center if you do not know your username and password.

Classroom Online Resources

PORTA PORTAL Links Student can access grade appropriate websites used for a variety of learning activities (like math, science, and reading) dealing with grade specific curriculum. 

Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

At Columbus Public Schools, we stress to our students ways to be a good digital citizen and how to be safe online. However, it can become very overwhelming as an adult to keep up with what our children are doing when they are online. I would like to recommend that you visit our Online Safety page and check out Common Sense Media and the resources that they have available. Not only does Common Sense Media evaluate online resources and apps, but it also provides reviews for movies and books and their appropriateness for different age groups. To find this page, click here.