2023 Facility Needs Proposal

CPS Board of Education Passes Resolution to Pursue a $53.5 M Facilities Bond Referendum

Since December of 2021 the school district and its Board of Education have been engaging parents, community members, and staff in a conversation about the future of facilities for Columbus Public Schools.  At each session we ask the group for permission to move forward and provide more data and information for the community.  We have received over 570 surveys back and from these groups 97% of the respondents have supported furthering the conversation. In addition a phone survey was conducted by Kordica Communications on the behalf of CPS.

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What began as a list of eight projects was narrowed to two packaged options and now down to a more condensed  list of projects. This list of projects will help to provide a K-12 solution to meet the current and future space shortages due to community and enrollment growth.

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Bond Projects

  • Construction of a new K-4 elementary school that will be built on land already owned by the district.

  • Constructing additions and improvements to existing elementary school buildings to include dining areas at North Park and Centennial and new health and physical education facilities at Emerson and  West Park.

  • Constructing a classroom addition and remodeling  of dining facilities at CMS.

  • Renovating and improving existing district facilities for educational and operational use.

  • Constructing a classroom addition and improvements to the existing high school.

Property Tax impact on a home valued at $100,00 in Columbus

  • Increase in Tax Levy: 0.048 Cents

  • Bond Amount: $53,500,000

  • Additional Cost Per Year: $48

  • Additional Cost Per Month: $4.00

  • Additional Cost Per Day: $0.13

2023 Bond Projections

The result in additional Property Tax Per Year and Per Month based on valuations.

New Bond

Additional Levy






















 $ 53,500,000
















Calculated from 2022-2023 Data (Piper Sandler data from February 24, 2023)