STEM education has been integrated throughout our schools with an emphasis on a team approach where math and science come alive due to the technology and engineering principals being used. CPS’s STEM focus is to  build learning connections among subjects with a focus on problem solving, innovative thinking, communications, productive teamwork, generating multiple ideas and decision making.

Columbus High School

At Columbus High School, we focus not only on preparing our students to continue on to a college or university but for employability and work place experience in the area of high demand careers at the local, state, and national levels.

The initial focus was in career & technical skills , focusing on skills needed for specific careers in the Columbus area workforce.  

Certifications Available:

 Mechanical Torque, Electronic Torque,Precision Measurement (rules and rulers, micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, angle gauges and gauge blocks), ShopKey, Digital Multimeter 525 and OSHA 10. The CPS Foundation also offers dual credit scholarships to Central Community College in these areas.

Columbus Middle School

Beginning in fifth grade, all students are required to take one STEM class per year through eighth grade.

5th Grade: Discovering electronic,  Sketching and Drafting, Manufacturing a Product and Lighter Than Air Vehicles.

 6th Grade: Competitive vehicle design, Manufacturing a Product, Robotics and Designing Architectural Escape Routes.

7th Grade: Graphic Design, Problem Solving, Solidwork, Drawing & 3D Modeling, Magnetic Levitation Vehicle Design, Architecture, Air, Water and Fuel Rockets andTrebuchet Design.

8th Grade: Manufacturing a Product, Design and Modeling, Sustainable Energy, Problem Solving, Robotics and Engineering .

STEM on the Go!

Mobile trailer that brings ready to go STEM lessons to you.

Current lesson available: Wind Energy, Water Filtration, Temperature Location, Flying Airplane vs. Flying Hoopster, Oil Spill, Mystery Bridges, Mystery Box Challenge, Erosion, Balloon Powered Car, Assembly Line and Affecting Ecosystems.