Elementary School Curriculum

Click on your grade level below to access the district curriculum materials located in Google Drive. Teachers need to be logged into their @discoverers.org Google account to gain access. Please contact Chris Johnson via email at johnsonc@discoverers.org for access.


CPS District Curriculum Storage

The Office of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment owns a "storage folder" in Google Drive, which houses important curriculum documents. Examples of important documents include curriculum guides, pacing guides, assessments, essential learnings, etc. Ownership of all important curriculum documents is transferred to the Curriculum Department.

The overall purposes for the storage folder are:

1) it provides a curriculum inventory for all courses (part of the requirements for accreditation by AdvancED includes a curriculum guide or map for every course of study);

2) it pulls all curriculum to one location; and

3) it prevents the district from losing documents when staff members leave the district.

CPS has written curriculum for most courses of study. Some of the existing curriculum is currently undergoing revision in an effort to realign with new state standards and to make course improvements.

Teacher access to these documents comes with editing privileges. The guidelines below provide instruction for accessing and using the documents. PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES, otherwise documents will not be available for others to use.

1) Do not change the names of any documents or folders.

2) Do not move documents out of the folder.

3) After you create documents in this folder, transfer ownership to “Curriculum Department.” Contact Chris Johnson or Brandi Fleming in the Curriculum Office for help with transferring ownership.

Staff members who need access to curriculum folders due to co-teaching or specialist assignments should contact Chris Johnson or Teresa Hausmann. To find curriculum documents, search in Google Drive. Keywords include:

Elementary Staff – your grade level – such as 1st Grade District Curriculum Storage

Middle School Staff – your content area – such as CMS Math District Curriculum Storage

High School Staff – your content area – such as CHS Science District Curriculum Storage