MAP Growth (Measures of Academic Progress)

MAP is a national test administered to CPS students in grades K-10.

  • Grade K-8 - September, January, May
  • Grades 9-10 - September, April

MAP is a computerized adaptive test. The test adapts test items to the student's performance level:

  • Answer a question correctly, the student advances to a more difficult question
  • Answer a question incorrectly, and the student receives an easier question

  • Determine if they are performing on grade level.
  • Set goals for classroom performance.
  • See their academic strengths and areas for improvement.
  • See child's performance on/at/below grade level.
  • See if the child is showing growth in reading and math.
  • Allows them to see a comparison to the national average.
  • Use results to help guide and individualize day to day instruction in reading and math.
  • Use a student's RIT score to help set the instructional level.
  • Use the data to engage students in personal goal-setting.
Reading a MAP report