Register A Student with Columbus Public Schools

Santiago Vasquez - Register

Santiago Vasquez
Columbus Public Schools Registrar

Documentation required at the registration appointment is as follows:

  • State certified birth certificate – no copies

  • Immunization records

  • One proof of residence from the following

    • written lease agreement on official stationary

    • mortgage statement within the last 30 days

    • personal property tax statement

    • bank statement within the last 30 days

    • employment pay stub within the last 30 days

    • gas bill within the last 30 days

    • electric bill within the last 30 days.

State law requires that prior to the entrance of a student into the beginning grade, or in the case of a transfer from an out-of-state school to any grade, a physical and vision exams must be completed. As a substitute for such evidence of a physical or vision exam, an objection in writing (signed and dated), should be presented to the registrar.

Physical and eye exam forms need to be returned to the registrar at 2508 27 St., Administration Building, prior to the child’s first day of school. All immunizations will also need to be complete and proof given to the registrar before a student will be allowed to enter school.