Click on the titles of the links below to go to sites to practice your keyboarding.

Have fun!

Big Brown Bear­­–Learn to Type
Great site for practicing correct fingering!

Dance Mat Typing
Read how to play and select your level.

Key Man
Just like Pac Man, try not to be eaten while you are typing.

Another practice site.

Try your fastest to match what’s under these keys.

Martian City Defender

Peter’s Online Typing Course
Practice here on those keys that are tough for you.

Popcorn Typer
Type the letter or word in the kernel before it hits the end line to make the popcorn pop.

Tutorials, a test, and games for Keyboarding

Super Hyper Spider Typer
Type to beat the timer and not have your spider eaten by the chameleon.

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Keyboarding practice sites, fun sites on Hardware and Software, and sites for Internet Safety