Pinnacle Bank works with Lost Creek students to develop good habits of saving money. Each Friday students can bring in money to “deposit” in Pinnacle Bank right at school! The Bank Tellers are students from 4th grade: they have been “hired” for this position after having made an application with Pinnacle Bank.

Two teams take turns every other Friday acting as cashiers (bank tellers). They accept money from the students, write up deposit slips, and give out any incentives Lost Creek students earn. Just for opening an account with $5.00, the students will be given another $5.00 from Pinnacle Bank!

Thanks, Pinnacle Bank, for helping us learn about the importance of saving money!

Incentives for Saving Money
Put $5 in your account and the bank will put $5 in it too!
For depositing…you will get…

  • $10–Money notepad
  • $20–Pencil
  • $40–Coin eraser
  • $60–Bouncy ball
  • $80–Crayon coin bank
  • $100–$100 bill coin bank
  • $150–Sports ball coin bank
  • $200–Water bottle
  • $250–Calculator
  • $300–Cube notepad
  • $400–Drawstring bag
  • $500–Lunch with the Bank President