Columbus High offers two adult passes. Both are good for all CHS activities, with the exception of GNAC or District competitions.

Adult Activities Passes are $100 and good for one person only (NON-TRANSFERABLE) for the entire school year (August thru May). Passes are good for ALL CHS ACTIVITIES, excluding GNAC or District competitions.

Punch Passes allow entry to 10 athletic events and costs $40. As many punches as are necessary can be used at one event for more than one person.

Student Passes are $25 and are good for all CHS/CMS events, including the Fall Musical and Winter Play, but not for GNAC or District competitions. Elementary students will be issued a pass, while CMS and CHS students need to bring their ID cards to the high school to get a “C” stamp.

All of these passes can be purchased at any CHS athletic event, or at the activities office at CHS. If you have any questions please feel free to call the activities office at 402.563.7050 x3.

Lifetime Passes are complimentary passes to individuals who live in the CPS district and who have reached their 65th birthday. This pass is good for athletic, music and theatre events hosted by CHS. These passes must be obtained at the Administration Building, 2508 27th St. Since the pass requires a signature, we request each individual wanting a pass to come in person. The non-transferable pass admits only the person whose name is on the pass. District and state activities are not included.