Mr. Brett Novak

"It's not just 'I'm teaching you a timeline of events.' I'm teaching you characteristics ... knowledge you can carry on with you for the rest of your life."

- Brett Novak - Social Studies Teacher

Ms. Jenny Young

"A lot of their life is brand new here. ... I learn a lot from my students. That's my favorite part."

- Jenny Young, English Learners Teacher


"(I want) each and every student or parent I met with know that I care about them, and that it wasn't just me doing my job. I love them and care about them."

- Angela Leifeld, Assistant Principal

=Brian Townsend, poses for a photo in a red shirt with blue collar. He has short brown hair, mixed gray beard  and is wearing thin-rimmed glasses.

"When they go home for the day, I want students to say they've learned something, or were able to understand why we did it and how it applies to something else."

- Brian Townsend, Science Teacher

Jimmy Johnson, a man with two-tone blue shirt,  short black hair and stubble smiles in a posed pictured.

"If there are some things that we can equip you with, a good work ethic, honesty, commitment and discipline, all those things will take you further than just my math course. Those skills are just going to make (students) great at whatever they do."

- Jim Johnson, Math Teacher


"Every day we're here to make sure that our students are our number one focus, (our) number one priority."

- Katie Oceguera, ISS Supervisor