University of South Dakota representative Rush Milne, foreground, goes over the online application process with seniors Anthony Deanda, left, and Carlos Rodriquez on Tuesday at the Apply 2 College event at CHS.

More Than 100 Students Participated in Apply 2 College Day
Isaiah May, Communication Specialist, CPS

More than 100 CHS seniors got the chance to meet and potentially apply for college Tuesday at the Apply 2 College event held at the school.

The day, which has been held the last four years, brings colleges and post-graduation institutions to CHS, allowing the senior class to apply in person. 

“The online application process can be intimidating to some,” said counselor Kim Loeffelholz. “This is where they can get a face to the institution.”

Hastings College representative Jennifer Swoboda said large events like these are a true benefit to the student.

“Events like these are very important. It’s a chance to get in front of students that don’t have an opportunity to take care of these things during the day,” she said. “With that senior class population, they may not be able to miss a class or are off campus at lunch. Here, they get a dedicated 20 minutes with each of us.”

This year 18 participants were available to students. Those were:

Central Community College; Chadron State College; Clarkson College; College of St. Mary; Creighton University; Doane University; Hastings College; Midland University; Nebraska Wesleyan; Northeast Community College; Peru State College; University of Nebraska - Kearney; University of Nebraska - Omaha; University of Nebraska - Lincoln; University of South Dakota; Wayne State College and the United States Navy.

Planning for the event began in May when Loeffelholz schedules the fall event, which aligns with institutions recruiting window.

“This time of year,” Swoboda said, “September, October, November; we’re traveling everywhere. We want to be introducing ourselves to (seniors) and rising seniors with college on the brain.”

Applying to colleges and meeting representatives are just one part of Apply 2 College day.

The afternoon featured both an English and Spanish presentation from Education Quest about financial aide and representatives remained on hand throughout the evening to assist parents and students through the FASA application process.

“We’re here to get you the information you need so you can pay for college,” he told the crowd of nearly 100. “It’s always changing. It’s changed a lot since your parents have gone to college.”

“The day was really initiated by EducationQuest. They’re a grant-based program that provides a lot of these resources to schools,” Loeffelholz said.

For those who were not able to attend, Loeffelholz said students and parents can still receive information through counselor’s office. “We’ve got a lot of resources and we’re able to help arrange campus visits with any of the guests today.”

Loeffelholz and the counselor’s office can be reached by phone at 402-563-7050.

And for those wanting more information about EducationQuest, they can visit