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Congratulations to all of 2022 Operations Employee of the Year Award nominees.  Without the support staff Columbus Public Schools would not be the great place that it is to learn and work.  They are an integral part of the CPS mission of Engaging All Learners To Achieve Success.

Celia Adabo, Kitchen Manager at Emerson
Kylie Baker, Paraprofessional at CMS
Karla Bartlett, Nurse at CMS
Dean Bierman, Custodian at Centennial
Carl Edwards, Custodian at Lost Creek
Mike Grutsch, Building and Grounds at Maintenance Building
Amanda Hemmer, Health Aide at Lost Creek
Jimmy Killham, Custodian at CHS
Karen Kuhr, Paraprofessional at Cassette House
Kerry Lassek, Paraprofessional at CHS
Denise Miller, Kitchen Manager at CHS
Cal Mustard, Custodian at CHS
Cody O'Berg, Custodian at North Park
Susan Olmer, Student Services Secretary at Student Services Building
Nicole Porter, Paraprofessional at Centennial
Val Rathje, Paraprofessional at CMS
Allen Rerucha, Custodian at CMS
Mary Rhein, Paraprofessional at CMS
Bridget Runquist, Secretary at Centennial
Jim Sander, Custodian at Emerson
Tania Stahl, Payroll Associate at Administration Building
Suzanne Stevenson, Database Administrator at Administration Building
Terri Wagner, Paraprofessional at CHS