"We're just here for the kids, to give them a good learning experience."

- Allen Rerucha, Custodian

Adriana Carnes

“We are here to help kids, to guide them to be successful in academics and outside of school. That’s our biggest role."

- Adriana Carnes, Assistant Principal

Photo of women in 50s with brown hair and black rimmed glasses from shoulders up.

"When a student steps into our classroom, they can expect to be loved, to be safe, and to absolutely have fun while they're learning."

- Tonja Lusche, Teacher SPED Multi/Severe

A women wearing a gray sweater and blacked rimmed glasses poses in front of a black and gray background.

"I had a lot of teachers who influenced me. This is where we make those connections."

- Joni Ebel, 7th-Grade Math