Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month was from Sept. 15- Oct. 15. The fourth-grade teachers at North Park saw this as a perfect opportunity to celebrate and highlight the culture that many of their students share. 

The teachers wanted to celebrate the diversity of their students and have them take pride in who they are. It was also a great opportunity for other students to learn about different groups of people. 

The fourth-grade teachers showed a fun video explaining what Hispanic heritage meant and and what types of people, things, and events fall under Hispanic culture. The fourth-grade teachers wanted to do a project related to Hispanic culture, and discovered this Hispanic biography banner research project. 

It was a great introduction on how to research and an awesome way to showcase different people who have made a difference in the world. Students really enjoyed learning about the different people. 

The project has inspired the fourth-grade teachers to do a mini-research project on different groups of people and cultures throughout the school year. The incredible banner display was created by paraeducator Sunnie Yang.